Alcoa and SAF-HOLLAND joining forces for innovative trailer wheel development

August 6, 2010
Alcoa and SAF-HOLLAND are working together on the development of a new trailer wheel which can be mounted without a separate hub flange.
Wheel characteristics:
Size 22.5 x 11.75
Weight of wheel 28.5 kg
Max. load per wheel 4500 kg
Offset 60 mm
Disc thickness 35 mm
Mounting hole Ø 23 mm
Mounting holes 10 on Ø 200 mm
Center bore Ø 157 mm
The advantage of this new SAF 60 ONE development is a weight saving of 8.7 to 18.7 kg per axle end, thus nearly 60 kg per trailer, which is achieved by integrating the hub flange as an integral part of the aluminium wheel. The wheel is mounted with bolts, replacing the classic wheel nuts and studs.
Depending on the market response after the IAA show, where the new development will be displayed on the SAF-HOLLAND and the Alcoa stands,  the decision will be made whether to take this wheel into production.