Find your way in our WHEEL SERVICE MANUAL: 

Chapter         Topic                                                                     


1   Manual                                                                                   

2   Limited warranty                                                                   

3   Safety                                                                                    

4   Wheel selection                                                                     

     a. Alcoa Wheel specification sheet                                            

     b. General characteristics                                                        

     c. Disc brake equipped axles                                                   

     d. Alcoa wheel identification                                                    

     e. Table: matching tyre to rim                                                  

     f. Wheel measurement                                                          

     g. Mixed application of Alcoa and steel wheels                          

     h. Owner / in-service identification                                          

5  Putting wheels in service                                                     

     a. Putting wheels in service / hidden damage                           

     b. Putting wheels in service / wheel alteration                          

     c. Mounting area / support surface diameters                           

     d. Before tyre mounting                                                         

     e. Valves                                                                              

     f. Valve extensions                                                                

     g. Mounting tyres                                                                  

           i. Recommendations for mounting tubeless tyres            

           ii. Mounting tyres on non-symmetrical drop well wheels           

           iii. Mounting tubeless tyres                                                 

           iv. Recommendations for demounting tubeless tyres from Alcoa wheels       

           v. Demounting of tubeless tyres                                        

           vi. Use ALgrease when changing tyres                               

      h. Balancing                                                                         

           i. Balance weights clip-on type                                         

           ii. Balance weights adhesive type                                       

           iii. Balance liquid or powder                                               

      i. Lubrication / ALgrease                                                      

            i. Lubrication of the hub and / or wheel hub bore               

            ii. Lubrication of the studs & nuts                                      

            iii. ALgrease                                                                   

      j. Wheel installation (to the hub)                                            

      k. Hub centering                                                                    

      l. Disc thickness & thread engagement                                   

      m. Nuts & studs                                                                      

            i. Section A, mounting Alcoa wheels with standard nuts & replacing wheel studs    

            ii. Section A, how to measure stud standout?                     

            iii. Section B, mounting Alcoa wheels with standard studs & Alcoa sleeved nuts           

            iv. Section B, how to check sufficient thread engagement   

      n. Wheel Nuts                                                                      

            i. Two piece hex head nuts                                             

            ii. Tightening nuts                                                           

            iii. Keep wheel nuts tight                                                 

            iv. Dualing with steel wheels                                            

            v. Incorrect assemblies                                                  

6   Wheels in service                                                                

      a. Avoid abuse                                                                    

      b. Inspect thoroughly and frequently                                     

      c. Heat damage                                                                   

      d. Dimension checks                                                            

      e. Tyre wear or ride problems                                              

      f. Rim Flange Wear                                                              

            i. Alcoa Rim Flange Wear Gauge instructions                    

            ii. Determining Rim Flange Wear                                      

            iii. Rim flange maintenance / edge removal procedures      

            iv. Dura-Flange®                                                           

       g. Cracked or damaged wheel checks                                    

            i. Mounting area                                                            

            ii. Corrosion                                                                   

            iii. Bolt holes                                                                  

            iv. Disc area                                                                   

            v. Rim area                                                                  

            vi. Bead seat area                                                          

7   Care and Maintenance                                                        

     a. Maintenance against corrosion Brushed and Polished wheels 

     b. Maintenance & cleaning Dura-Bright® surface treated wheels       

     c. Maintenance Dura-Flange® wheels                                     

8   Glossary of common terms and conversion factors          

     a. Glossary of common terms                                               

     b. Conversion Factors                                                          

9   Contact