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Let us introduce you to the benefits of the aluminum wheels produced by Alcoa, the world’s most beloved company with the largest sales volume
Save 157 kg on a regular 10-ton truck (including spare)

4 times stronger than steel wheels
Fuel efficient
Field proven to boost fuel economy by more than 3% on a 10-ton truck.
Cost effective
Cost savings over and above fuel economy:
  • Resist Corrosion - Aluminum resists corrosion and never needs painting.
  • Riding Comfort - Light and true for easier handling
  • Highly Recyclable - The high recyclability of Alcoa aluminum wheels contributes to protection of the world’s environment.
  • Good looks - Clean, bright wheels give your business a sharper image

5 year limited warranty
Alcoa offers a 5 year limited warranty on all Alcoa forged aluminum wheels (10 years for ISO Style Hub Pilot Bus Wheels).