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Tire Mounting

When mounting tires, be sure to follow standard safety rules found in the tire manufacturer’s operating manual.
Here are a few tips you should follow when mounting a tire.
  • Use the proper tools to avoid damaging the wheel.
  • Use the right tire to match the wheel.
  • Check wheel and tire to make sure both are damage free. If you see scratching or corrosion, stop using the wheel.
  • Check to see that the air valve is properly installed.
  • Clean wheel when it is dirty, and dry well after cleaning. Make sure the tire is dry inside too.
  • Before mounting the tire, apply non-water-soluble grease on the bead sheet (rim) of the wheel and tire bead. Water-soluble grease causes corrosion on rim surface, so it should not be used. It is very important to use non-water-soluble grease to keep a good seal between tire bead and rim and provent air leaks.  Alcoa recommends and offers ALgrease as for this application.
  • Make sure to drain the compressor for dry air.
  • Follow air pressure specified by tire manufacturer. It should not exceed the specified air pressure.
  • Use safety cage when inflating tires for your safety.
Do not use flammable solutions for tire and bead grease. Flammable grease could cause the tire to explode during inflation or driving, causing possible death or serious injury. Use proper tire mounting and inflation equipment.
An inflated tire can separate from the wheel and explode, resulting in death or serious injury. Use a safety cage for inflating tires.
A damaged tire or wheel can separate and cause an explosion, resulting in death or serious injury. Check tires and wheels for damage when removing the wheel. If damage is detected, discharge air from the tire before loosening cap nuts. Stop using the damaged wheel after removal.
Alcoa forged aluminum wheels do not require balancing since they are made in one machine-finished piece. However, they  might require balancing when mounted with tires. If this is the case, use clip-on balance weights. Liquid type tire balancer or sealant should not be used.
Caution: Using liquid type balancer or sealants could increase potential severe corrosion on rim surface. Severely corroded wheels should not be used. Alcoa’s warranty will not cover corrosion caused by liquid tire balancer or sealant.