The Zero Carbon Way to Drive

Arconic and Phinergy partner on a breakthrough aluminium-air battery for electric vehicles

What if you could engineer an automotive battery that extends vehicle range but doesn’t produce any harmful carbon dioxide emissions?

Sound impossible? Not with Arconic where we specialize in making the impossible real.

Our engineers and materials science experts have been working with Phinergy Inc. on a technology that uses air and water to tap the energy in aluminum to produce a battery that promises to substantially extend the range of electric vehicles. 

The aluminum-air battery can hold many times the energy of other batteries of a similar weight.  And because it does not use or produce carbon dioxide, it has a zero to negative carbon footprint. Did we mention that you can recharge hundreds of miles of range in minutes?

With collaboration programs in place with auto equipment manufacturers and  utility companies across Europe, America and China, Arconic and Phinergy are closer than ever to making the impossible not just real—but practical.