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Commercial EcoClean™ FAQs

  1. What colors are available with the EcoClean™ coating?
    Arconic will be maintaining painted coil inventory in some available colors. Please inquire for availability:

    • Colorweld® 500 Bright Silver Metallic
    • Colorweld 500 Champagne Metallic
    • Colorweld 500 Platinum
    • Colorweld 500 Anodic Clear
    • DURAGLOSS® 5000 – 5 metallic colors (inquire for specifics)
    • Colorweld Design Line – 26 colors (inquire for specifics)

  2. Will there be any finished goods panels available for smaller projects?
    We will be closely monitoring interest and demand for Reynobond® and Reynolux® coated with EcoClean™ and making decisions regarding finished goods panels based on that data.

  3. Are custom colors available with EcoClean™?
    No, not at this time.

  4. Are LEED® points granted for using EcoClean™?
    Not at this time. We will be actively engaging the U.S. Green Building Council, who developed LEED®, to determine if this is a future possibility.

  5. Will the Arconic paint warranties remain the same?
    Yes. They are unaffected by EcoClean™.

  6. Does EcoClean™ have a performance guarantee?
    Yes. It can be found on the EcoClean™ website at ecoclean.com.

  7. Why would an architect specify a proprietary product such as EcoClean™?
    It is a simple choice of making the right product decision. When a value-added upgrade to a product is available, this is one compelling reason to add it to the specification.

  8. How does EcoClean™ benefit a building owner?
    Building owners will be able to promote to tenants and visitors the environmental benefits of a façade that effectively neutralizes the pollution output of a number of the cars in its parking lot.

    A clean building will contribute to brand recognition for logos and signs. It is even possible that EcoClean™ may achieve recognition by LEED® and other entities for its contribution. Additionally, the appearance of the building will be much improved as the coating scrubs the building surface of pollutants, which are then easily washed away by rain.