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How EcoClean™ Works
Cleaner air. Cleaner buildings. Significant innovation.

The air-cleaning properties of Reynobond® with EcoClean™, Powered by HYDROTECT™ begin with the reaction created by titanium dioxide when exposed to sunlight. When sunlight strikes a particle of titanium dioxide, electrons within the particle become excited, creating a higher state of energy within the electrons.

The energized electrons transfer energy to water in the air and form free radicals, -OH (hydroxyl radicals) and O2- (superoxide anions). These free radicals are both powerful oxidizers that can attack any organic material either on the panel’s surface or floating near it.

The Process

1 Electrons in the TiO2 become energized by UV light. 2 These electrons transfer energy to oxygen and water in the air.
3 Free radicals are formed by the transferred energy (O2-, .OH). 4 The free radicals attack and destroy organic matter via oxidation.
5 .OH free radicals called hydroxyls group on the surface of EcoClean™. 6 The hydroxyls make the building surface super slick. Instead of beading up on the surface, the water collapses on the surface and runs off, undercutting dirt and grime.