The Power of Diversity

Employee Resource Groups shape an inclusive workplace

At Arconic, we value our people as much for who they are as for what they do. Diversity is a key sustainable advantage that drives innovation and helps advance our business. We don’t just give lip service to diversity—we actively foster and encourage it. 

One way we build an increasingly inclusive work environment is through our global network of Employee Resource Groups. These groups bring together individuals with common needs or interests ranging from ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, to age, life experiences and career paths. The groups collaborate with each other by offering joint programming and convene once a year at our annual Inclusion and Diversity Summit to share best practices.  In addition, they also provide valuable input to processes—like Performance Management and Career Planning to name a few—that impact the employee experience at Arconic. 

Our many networks invite you to bring your diverse perspectives to Arconic and leverage them to help us shape industries—and our world.

Arconic African Heritage Network

The network serves as a vital resource for people of African heritage and the broader organization. Its mission is to be a catalyst for the recruitment, development, engagement and retention of African heritage employees, to drive diversity and inclusion as a business imperative, and to represent Arconic in our communities.

The network offers sponsorship of mentoring programs, professional training and webinars, career development and networking events, employee engagement efforts and volunteer activities aimed at empowering members to reach their full potential. These initiatives tangibly improve Arconic’s businesses and positively impact our communities. The network also collaborates with the National Society of Black Engineers and Howard University to advance the academic and professional success of African heritage students and professionals.

Arconic Hispanic Network

The success of a Hispanic group at our Davenport, Iowa facility—Davenport HABLO—inspired the creation of an entire network of employees passionate about the culture and interests of the largest minority group in the United States. Founded in 2016, the Arconic Hispanic Network already has hundreds of members working to celebrate Hispanic culture, support the attraction, retention and development of Hispanic employees and build external community partnerships that help support the career success of Hispanics broadly.

What does that mission look like in action? Arconic Hispanic Network hosts conociéndonos, or “getting to know each other” events, that offer Hispanic perspectives on leadership. And network leadership participates in conferences and panel discussions with community partners related to Hispanic issues.

Arconic Veterans Network

Veterans, active reservists and their allies worldwide have a home in the Arconic Veterans Network. Veterans bring a unique and valuable skill set to the broader organization, and the veterans’ network works to promote their interests and create workplace camaraderie similar to what they enjoyed in military service.

How? By supporting efforts, such as Hiring Our Heroes , to attract talent from all branches of military service in the countries where Arconic operates. And through mentoring and professional development opportunities designed to retain that talent. In our communities, the veterans’ network engages in activities that benefit military members, veterans and their families—such as its partnership with American Corporate Partners, in which current and retired Arconic employees mentor veterans transitioning to the corporate world.

Arconic Women’s Network

With 1000-plus members and more than 40 chapters worldwide, Arconic Women’s Network—one of our longest-running Employee Resource Groups—is powerfully positioned to act as a catalyst for the advancement of women at Arconic. The network serves as a forum where members can develop mentorships, and share experiences, information and resources – with other members, other Employee Resource Groups and with our customer and community networks such as the Society of Women Engineers .

Each year, AWN participates in International Women’s Day—which celebrates the achievements of women and serves as a call to action to accelerate gender parity. And the group works with the broader organization to support initiatives that break down barriers and improve gender representation, such as “Building Opportunities for Women in a “Hard Hat” Company for which the company received a 2013 Catalyst Award


EAGLE is a network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Arconic employees, and their allies. With more than 400 members in 13 countries, EAGLE works to create an affirming work environment where all employees are empowered to reach their full career potential while bringing their "whole self" to work.

EAGLE has been instrumental in driving policy changes such as an expansion of domestic partnership and transgender health care benefits. Arconic is proud to have received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for the past nine years, a U.S. national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to LGBT employees. 

Next Generation Network

Focused on early career professionals, the Next Generation Network is one of the fastest growing Employee Resource Group at Arconic, gaining more than 500 members in its first six months. And no wonder. With the baby boomer generation starting to retire, early career professionals will begin to make up a large portion of the US labor force. 

The Next Generation Network helps develop the next generation of leaders and gives employees a forum to connect in and out of work. Activities include speed lunchtime learning sessions, community volunteer days, and engaging with interns.