Kawneer Permanodic® is a range of subtle co-ordinated colours which have been researched and developed for architectural systems. The performance finish of all Kawneer products is assured as a result of a single source responsibility.
Permanodic® is a well tried colour anodising process, proven in accelerated laboratory tests, extensive field trials and contract experience, which gives architects and specifiers product confidence.
  • Permanodic® is available in five standard colour tones – Natural, Black and three Bronze options.
  • Permanodic® II is available as a steel blue-grey colour.
  • Permanodic® C is available in a range of blues, reds, turquoises and greens.
Various Kawneer Permanodic® colour finishes are available on all Kawneer aluminium systems and offer many exciting possibilities in colour contrast and harmony.
Permanodic® colours are achieved by colouring the anodic film resulting in a stable attractive finish with rich colour tones. The aluminium is immersed in specific electrolytes and subjected to stringent process controls, to produce a hard coating which forms an extremely durable protective surface which is fade free.
Permanodic® II colour is achieved by interference colouring produced by enlarging the anodic pores and depositing nickel metal in the base. By this method a steel blue-grey colour is produced which is fade free.
Permanodic® C is a combination method of over dyeing Permanodic bronze shades with lightfast organic dye stuffs which produce a range of subtle colours that are fade resistant.
Technical Assistance
Technical advice relating to any aspect of Kawneer Permanodic® performance and colour samples can be obtained from our Head Office at Runcorn.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Under normal environmental conditions the coatings have a life expectancy of up to 30 years, when cleaned and maintained in accordance with Kawneer’s published instructions, available on request from the Technical Services Department
  • BS 3987: 1991
    Anodic oxide coatings on wrought aluminium for external architectural purposes
  • ISO 9001: 2000
    Quality Management System
Quality Control
Whilst Kawneer maintain documented quality procedures for all materials, treated and finished according to the Permanodic® process, variations in colour consistency are inherent in all colour processes. Production materials are measured for compliance with top and bottom limit colour samples.