Overview of Arconic Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe Assembly

Arconic aluminum alloy drill pipe is designed to use standard API tool joints.  Tool joints are connected to aluminum drill pipe using a thermal shrink fit technology.  This connection, featuring a proprietary Super-Shrink Grip™ tool joint, is recognized for its long-term dependability. Standard API joints are used with all Arconic aluminum alloy drill pipe.
This advanced drill pipe is machined with six modified Acme threads per inch (RH) on a 3/8” taper per foot.  The end of the pipe features a smooth, concentric shoulder, while the rest of the pipe is tapered through the transition zone.  The inside of the pipe end of the tool joint displays the threads, the end shoulder, and the counterbore.

After assembly, an engineered interference fit exists between the tool joint and the aluminum pipe (see the drawing on this page).  The annular section of the tool joint contracts after assembly and provide an additional interference fit.  The pipe end is thus firmly gripped by the tool joint, providing a pressure-tight assembly and efficient transfer of tension, torsion, bending, and compression loads between the pipe and working connection.

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