A unique product for a wide range of applications.

The outstanding technical properties of Reynolux® mean it can be used universally as a versatile base material. The variety of available colors and its simple processing make it the preferred product for the following applications in the building and architectural segments:
Reynolux is easy to process, simple to fix, lightweight, durable and resistant to exterior conditions. That makes it an ideal roofing material with the capacity to add an additional aesthetic dimension to any structure. Consider Reynolux for:
            • Flashings
            • Eaves
            • Roof cladding (standing seam)
            • Gutters
Its excellent weather resistance makes Reynolux a long-living product that opens a broad range of cladding possibilities for your façades. Simple to fabricate — and available in many colors and coating systems — it can be perfectly combined with other materials. Consider Reynolux for:
            • Trapezoidal metal sheeting
            • Cassettes
            • Façade accessories
            • Sandwich panels
            • Honeycomb panels
Thanks to its simple processing and broad color range, Reynolux is ideal for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings. Our flexibility to meet delivery deadlines makes it an ideal architectural material. Consider Reynolux for:
            • Seals for façades, roofs, corners, etc.
            • Skirts for doors and windows
            • Small or midsize wall cassettes
            • Windowsills
            • Various prefabricated elements
Special Applications
Reynolux is the perfect complement to Reynobond®. Designed to be implemented modularly, this combination allows for links between pure aluminum and aluminum composite materials, to achieve even the most complex projects.

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