Typical Installation Sequence

Step 1:
The Asp fastener is a 3-piece fastener consisting of a pin, sleeve and lock ring. The pin is inserted into the prepared hole from one side of the material to be fastened and the sleeve is placed over the pintail section of the pin to engage the pin thread. The sleeve with matching ultra fine thread is torque onto the pin with a special driver that engages a slot on the sleeve surface. The sleeve can be torque to any level not to exceed the maximum depending on the crush strength of the material being fastened.
Step 2:
When the sleeve is torque to desired level the sleeve driver is removed and the lock ring is placed over the pintail.
Step 3:
The proper installation tool with nose assembly attached is placed on the pintail to contact the lock ring. As the tool is actuated the lock ring is forced into the conical angle of the sleeve and into the threads on the pin. The pin has a helical spline on the threads to aid as an anti-rotational lock.
Step 4:
When the lock has been set the installation tool pressure builds up until the pintail is separated from the installed fastener. The installation force does not effect the material being fastened as the fastener absorbs the entire load.

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