Titanium LGP® Pull-Type Lockbolts

Titanium LGP - Pull-Type Lockbolt
Typical of LGPL18SC, LGPL2SP, LGPL4SC & LGPL4SP Fasteners
Huck’s lightweight (LGPL) Lockbolt fastener is a high-strength, lightweight aerospace fastener. Easily the most cost-effective aerospace fastener available, the LGP® can help reduce aircraft weight and fastener installation time.
The LGPL is designed for use in both interference and clearance fit conditions. Common applications include wing spars, stringers, webs and fuselage panels.
The LGPL is the newest version of the Huck Lockbolt used on aircraft for over 50 years. Unlike threaded fasteners, lockbolts install rapidly and cannot vibrate loose. Their unique design assures predictable, consistent clamp force.
Design Features

The LGPL Fastener features a tapered root diameter and variable pitch lock groove. A larger volume of collar material flows into the locking grooves at the beginning of the of the installation sequence. This gives the fastener its greatest tensile strength where it is most crucial during swaging of the collar so that a high clamp force can be developed with out loss of strength during collar extrusion resulting in a high residual clamp and high ultimate tensile. The locking groove’s 20-degree flank angle serves as a platform for retaining the high clamp load generated during collar installation.
Cost effective Features

Sloped surface installations
The LGPL fastener can be installed on sloped surfaces up to 7° on the collar side of material being fastened.

With this feature heavy, costly self-aligning washers and special nuts are not required. Inventory costs as well as structural weight are reduced. Fewer parts to handle translates into greater labor efficiency.
Extended grip range
The LGPL fastener has a usable 3/32" grip range which reduces inventory and installation errors that are common when using conventional 1/16" grip range fasteners. The extended grip range makes the LGPL fastener more forgiving if the installer needs a fastener just over or just under the recommended grip.
The labor-intensive job of over-coating each fastener or the use of heavy, costly sealing nuts is eliminated with the LGPL fastener. Annular grooves on the pin forms a series of separate barriers to prevent fuel seepage. Fay surface sealant flow during installation due to high clamp load ensures reliable sealing.
Quite Interference-Fit Installations The LGPL can be used in interference applications without noisy rivet hammer insertions. Huck’s pull-in installation method reduces noise levels by as much as 50% to 50 dBA when installations are made with hydraulic tools and 75 dBA when using pneumatic tools.
Low Collar-side Clearance
The installed height profile of the LGPL fastener is significantly lower than that of threaded fastener. It’s low collar-side profile enables it to fit in tight space areas.