Prepainted Aluminum Coil

A Great Finish is Only the Beginning

Arconic is the leading producer of pre-painted aluminum coil…a versatile, pre-finished material that enhances the appearance and performance of countless products. Across a wide variety of industries, manufacturers rely on the valueadded benefits of Arconic pre-painted aluminum coil:

Versatile Finish - The coil coating process yields an endless selection of metal finishes, colors, textures and visual effects…all applied with greater precision and uniformity than other painting methods. The finish can be customized to your exact requirements for color, gloss, thickness, formability and special coatings.

Ease of Fabrication - For fabrication and assembly, pre-painted aluminum coil is efficiently formed, shaped, cut and fastened by a variety of methods. Arconic offers a wide selection of substrate alloys, tempers, gauges and widths to optimize the material’s performance for your specific application.

Cost-effectiveness - Compared to post-painting operations, pre-painted aluminum offers significant advantages in the areas of flexibility, efficiency and uniformity of product with energy management and pollution control.

All the Advantages of Aluminum - Aluminum is the material of choice due to its many inherent properties: reduced weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, machinability, formability and non-sparking… plus easy recyclability. Compared to pre-painted steel, where uncoated edges can rust and peel, corrosion resistant aluminum offers beauty that’s more than skin deep!

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