Reynolux Roof

Discover new possibilities for your roofs.

Reynolux offers you creative possibilities in the field of roofing, where far too many projects settle for the standard options. It can be coated with a unique variety of coating systems. Even small batches can be delivered in any colour desired.
For new constructions as well as renovation of old buildings with weak roof trusses, the use of aluminium as a material is constantly gaining in importance. The numerous benefits of aluminium are winning over the hearts and minds of more and more contractors, roofing firms as well as dealers in roofing materials.
Reynolux is easy to process, simple to fix, is lightweight, resistant to exterior conditions and is very durable: in short, it is an ideal roofing material. Its aesthetic and appearance similar to the tiles respect perfectly the harmony of the building.
Consider Reynolux for:
  • Flashings
  • Eaves
  • Roof cladding (standing seam)
  • Gutters

Reynolux product range for roofing:

Contact Information

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