Mark IV™ Structural Panel Fastener

A Structural Panel Fastening System for Aerospace Composite Structures

System Features
  • Comprised of a two piece design: a flat beam lock nut that provides excellent resistance to vibration-induced loosening and has a high cycle life of up to 250 seated cycles, and a stud bolt which features dual - lead threads for quick operation.
  • 100º countersink tension head with multiple recess options available including hex and Torx®.
  • Stud bolt available in .2160, .2500, .3125 and .3750 inch nominal diameters.
  • Stud bolt has positive retention and hold-out.
  • Stud bolt offers excellent probability and accomodates angular panel misalignment with the unthreaded nose section.
  • Stud bolt accommodates large variations in grip (up to .140 inch).
  • Receptacle provides .020 inch minimum radial float and versions allow for angular engagement of nut plate to ease installation of curved panels.
  • Receptacle nut portion can be replaced without removing rivets.
  • Optional grommet for composite applications provides hard seat surface, good load transfer, counterbore for retaining ring, and is excellent for gasketed applications.

Contact Information

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Americas, Asia, and Pacific
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