Eddie-Bolt® 2 Fastening System

The EDDIE-BOLT® 2 Fastening System is comprised of three components: The EDDIE-BOLT® 2 Pin recognizable by its' five flutes, equally spaced along a portion of the pin thread area, along with the matching EDDIE-BOLT® 2 nut, distinguishable by three prominent, equally spaced lobes, and the EDDIE-BOLT™ 2 tooling.
When the EDDIE-BOLT® 2 Fastening System is installed using an EDDIE-BOLT™ 2 hand tool, portable power tool or automated equipment, the lobes of the nut are deformed into and across the pin flutes and threads, creating a positive mechanical lock. The optimized thread length, in conjunction with the controlled runout on the transition zone of the pin, permits a decrease in overall pin length and nut height, resulting in a reduction of weight. These features assure static and dynamic strength properties of the fasteners while providing a vibration resistant positive mechanical lock of the nut to the bolt.
For installation in clearance fit holes or with sealant, the Spline-Lok® recess provides a higher reaction torque than the conventional hex recess, further simplifying installation and reducing rework while improving tool life.

  • Finger pressure alone allows the nut to free-run down to the structure before a tool is applied for final installation
  • No prevailing torque with the free-running nut
  • Galling is eliminated
  • No Foreign Object Debris (F.O.D.)
  • Radius lead of pin assists entry into interference-fit holes
  • Controlled, built-in automatic preload meeting minimum and maximum specifications
  • Nut installation may be verified with simple gauges after easy visual inspection
  • Minimum backside protrusion
  • Use in either clearance or interference-fit holes

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