Curtain Wall AA 210 Module

Modular curtain wall for quick installation.
The AA 210 is a quick installation modular curtain wall for vertical cladding.  
The construction principle allows for significant reduction in the amount of time for installation on-site, in order to suit the pace of the main construction.
The modular cladding is assembled in the workshop using an industrial production method, which guarantees its waterproofing and acoustic performance once complete.
It can be combined with French doors, fire doors or concealed Italian openings.
  • Non-residential
  • New or refurbishing
The AA 210 is available in a choice of 4 designs:
  • External glass with VEP glazed beading
  • External glass with VEC adhesive
  • Horizontal running strip
  • Vertical running strip
The materials can easily be mixed between the clear and opaque areas.
The internal rectangular profiles give the entire piece a contemporary, timeless appearance.
Thermal insulation performance of light and transom cover parts.

Complete manufacture of ready-to-fit glazed frames allows for certification and marked monitoring of production. 

Installation away from water and rapid air.

Building can be occupied during refurbishing.

The cladding attachment points on the main construction offer the possibility of 3 dimensional adjustments, allowing for perfect alignment of the frames with each other whatever their positions within the cladding.

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