Arconic FarReachTM Drill Pipe

Go Farther with FarReachTM Alloy Drill Pipe

Reach deeper. Get there faster. Drill to much greater depths with existing assets.

Throughout the world, aluminum alloy drill strings are successfully working on land and offshore. Available in 4”, 4-1/2”, 5”,
5-1/2”, 5-7/8”, and 6-5/8” diameters, this advanced drill pipe provides for superior horizontal and directional drilling performance. Arconic FarReach™ Alloy Drill Pipe offers quantifiable and significant advantages when compared to steel pipe:
  • 50% reduction of drill string wet weight
  • Lower weight / increased rig capacity
  • 20 – 30% less torque and drag
  • 20 – 30% less string stretch
  • Superior horizontal drilling characteristics
  • Optimized hydraulic design
  • Improved ergonomics and operating safety

Arconic FarReach™ Alloy Drill Pipe offers custom pipe geometries, coupled with a proprietary thermal tool joint assembly process. This places the material strength where it’s needed most. Improved hydraulic design is a critical result of these unique internal pipe geometries. In addition, the pipe’s inherently smooth extruded bore allows for minimal pressure drop through the bore and provides more drilling fluid at the bit.

Why FarReachTM Alloy Drill Pipe?

Reduces drilling costs
  • Reduces the weight load on the rig and during shipping
  • Offsets the higher initial cost by savings in time and operational expenses
Increases rig capacity
  • Extends drilling depth capacity of existing rigs; rig capacity can be upgraded by 50 to 100 percent
  • Reduced weight of FarReach™ Alloy Drill Pipe results in reduced rotating torque and improved overpull margin
Delivers dependability
  • Arconic’s seamless method of manufacturing provides superior tolerance control and quality
  • Alloy chemistry selected for excellent fatigue characteristics and greater resiliency
  • Anti-corrosive properties can mean greater durability and operating life
Improves drilling characteristics
  • Greater elasticity and resiliency can result in lower lateral wall forces, reducing abrasive action and wear on tool joints and pipe body
  • Because of improved strength-to-weight, less energy is required for rotation
Provides operating safety
  • Lower weight allows for easier and safer pipe handling on the rig

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