2124 Aluminum Alloy Plate


Alloy 2124-T851 plate was developed primarily for elevated temperature applications requiring guaranteed fracture toughness and improved short transverse properties in plate gauges over 1.0 inches (25.40 mm) thick. This plate alloy also exhibits good strength retention and creep resistance at elevated temperatures up to 350° F (177°C). Fracture toughness levels of 2124-T851 plate are substantially higher than 2024-T851.
Alloy 2124-T851 plate is available in thicknesses from 1.50 inch (38.1 mm) through 6.00 inches (152.4 mm) with guaranteed minimum fracture toughness.

Thick Plate Fabrication Improvments

Through the application of statistical process control techniques recently implemented at Arconic’s Davenport, Iowa plant, additional quality improvements have been made to thick gauges of alloy 2124 plate. As a result Arconic will guarantee strength improvements of 2 to 3 ksi, elongation improvements of 1 to 3 percent for the L and LT direction and 0.5 percent for the ST direction over mechanical properties shown in this fact sheet. Fracture toughness improvements of 1 to 3 ksi√in will be guaranteed on request. As with all Arconic thick plate products Class A ultrasonic quality will also be guaranteed.


Alloy 2124-T851 is recommended for moderately elevated temperature applications (250-350°F, 121-177°C) requiring better short-transverse ductility and fracture toughness guarantees than are available with 2024-T851 plate. The primary use is machined fuselage bulkheads and wing skins in high-performance military aircraft.

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