2324 Aluminum Alloy Plate


Alloy 2324-T39 plate is a higher strength version of alloy 2024-T351 and is a high-purity controlled composition varient of alloy 2024. It was developed for tension-dominated, fatigue and fracture critical plate applications. The T39 temper, developed through special fabricating practices, improves both strength and fracture toughness properties over alloy 2024 plate. Arconic guarantees long transverse mechanical properties of 2324-T39 plate.
It is available in plate thicknesses of 0.750 inches to 1.300 inches (19.05mm to 33.02mm).


Alloy 2324-T39 plate should be considered as a replacement for 2024-T351 where higher strength, toughness and good resistance to fatigue crack propagation is required. It is being used successfully on lower wing skin and center wing box components of new commercial transport aircraft.

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