2090 Aluminum Alloy Sheet


Alloy 2090-T83 sheet is a fully commercialized aluminum-lithium alloy developed for high strength aerospace applications. The Al-Cu-Li alloy offers an 8 per cent density savings when compared with other aerospace alloys. Alloy 2090-T83 also has a 10 per cent higher elastic modulus. When coupled with the low density feature, this provides for unique weight saving benefits.
Alloy 2090-T83 has strengths comparable with other high strength aluminum alloys and superior corrosion resistance. The alloy is also one of the most weldable aluminum products available. Some material features of 2090 vary from conventional aluminum alloys and need to be considered during design and material selection. Specific details are further defined in Arconic’s Green Letter on 2090 alloy.


Arconic has produced over 200,000 pounds of 2090 sheet in various tempers for commercial use. Alloy 2090-T83 sheet is designed for use where high strength requirements are necessary. Currently 2090-T83 sheet is being used for aircraft floor bulkhead stiffeners to take advantage of the high strength and lower density to achieve a substantial weight reduction.
Initial uses include wing leading and trailing edges, fuselage bulkhead webs and internal framework parts. Alloy 2090 is also being considered for many applications in advanced aircraft including wing structures.

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