Closure Sheet

  • Closure panels
  • Forming/joining design
  • Multi-material designs
Arconic’s body sheet products comprise some of the most advanced alloy and process technology in the industry. This highly engineered material offers high-strength, lightweight design solutions for automotive closure panels including hoods, doors and decklids. Arconic’s patented designs optimize strength, weight and crash performance.

Typical Applications
  • Hoods and tailgates
  • Roof, door panels
  • Floor panels

  • Highly engineered alloy product offerings
  • Aluminum stamping, joining, finishing, painting and assembly guidelines
  • Product and process technology offers best-in-class solutions

Why Arconic
  • Only automotive manufacturing facility in industry dedicated to development of heat-treating and blanking solutions
  • Greatest width capabilities in industry
  • Minimum cost lightweighting solutions
  • Multi-market design solutions

Case Study
  • Arconic was able to achieve up to 50 percent weight savings on hood closures using its traditional as well as its patented multi-cone designs
  • The consumer benefits of Arconic designs are two-fold – pedestrian impact performance was improved for safety and panel flutter was reduced for quality
  • The OEM customer also benefits from the technology through low-cost lightweighting techniques, improved worker ergonomics and no sacrifice in structural strength, stiffness and durability

Case Study
  • Through its advanced designs, including multiproduct, traditional and multi-piece inner doors, Arconic obtained a 40-55 percent weight savings in its front and rear door closures
  • OEM benefits include: parts consolidation, reduced manufacturing complexity and low-cost lightweighting, as well as improved worker ergonomics and quality and service
  • Consumer advantages include: lightweight doors that are easier to operate as well as increased cargo space, enhanced performance and handling, and safety without compromise

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