Curtain Wall and Bow-Windows 1203 Slope Glazing

  • Mullion Drained
  • Easy to install
  • Glass thickness from 6 to 40 mm
The 1203 KAWNEER system of vertical curtain walls and gated glass offers various depths of uprights and cross-members, facilitating adaptation to all constraints of the cladding projects, including curtains, semi-curtains, panels and glass.
Market: Ideal for non-residential, New or refurbishing
In order to leave give free reign to architectural creativity, KAWNEER offers:
  • a wide and varied selection of hoodings (flat, rounded, ribbed, stainless steel) similar to the 1200 series.
  • for glass applications, we offer accentuated hoodings (bevelled or flat), allowing you to personalise the glass according to your architectural requirements.
- Large glass roofs
- Harmony of the cladding: Italian-style window, invisible from the outside
- Assures continuity between curtain walls and glass.
The frame and the accessories can be anodized under label Qualanod or Qualicoat in the case of thermal paint. They are available in more than 300 shades in mineral finishes.
Compliant with glass standards.

Treatment of glass, pyramids and bow windows.
The 1203 KAWNEER system satisfies the requirements of the new DTU 33.1
The 1203 KAWNEER system accommodates glazed or opaque glass panels of 4 to 40 mm thickness, enabling current acoustic regulations to be observed as well as providing resistance to impact for glass structures.
The combination of various thicknesses of thermal breakdown from 3.7 to 16 mm means that prescribed insulation requirements can be satisfied.

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