Brazing Sheet

  • Multi-layer clad alloys
  • Customized long-life products
  • Gauges down to 50μm
Arconic invented aluminum brazing sheet and its heat exchanger sheet products are industry benchmarks for brazibility, post-brazed strength and in-service corrosion resistance. Arconic’s global network of rolling mills in North America, Europe and Asia allow the company to provide a common portfolio of brazing sheet products to customers worldwide.

Typical Applications
  • Air conditioning condensers and evaporators
  • Radiators
  • Heater cores
  • Charge air coolers
  • Engine and transmission oil coolers

  • Unrivaled depth of knowledge in alloy development
  • Brazing sheet and heat exchanger prototyping
  • Full validation capabilities

Why Arconic
  • Global supply from locations in North America, Hungary and China
  • World class R&D center dedicated to brazing sheet products
  • Long-life alloys for unbeatable durability

Case Study
  • Large OEM needed to remove carcinogenic chromate coating from its evaporators to meet global regulatory requirements
  • Arconic developed an ultra-corrosion-resistant five-layer alloy that passed four-year fleet tests
  • Customer eliminated coating as a requirement and still met corrosionresistance specifications
  • Significant environmental benefits realized by eliminating hazardous chromate waste

Contact Information

Davenport, IA
United States

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