5454 Aluminum Bulk Transport Sheet Specular Image (BTSsi)


Aluminum Bulk Transport Sheet Specular Image (BTSsi) is next in the series of Arconic’s products aimed at our continued commitment to the bulk transport family of products. Developed with the help of our industry renowned Arconic Technical Center researchers and fabricated in our world class mills using our production system principles, the BTS line of products offers unparalleled performance choices for every customer. Our newly introduced BTSsi offers a improved distinctness of image while maintaining all of the other attributes at the highest standards. Produced with our rolling technology, Arconic’s bright rolled BTSsi offers unmatched image quality, reflectance, and surface luster by anyone in the industry. Depending on the combination of material properties, functionality and aesthetics needed in your trailer, one of Arconic’s BTS products will be the right solution for you.


Arconic’s aluminum BTSsi sheet was designed to provide the best mill produced finish ever for the dump trailer market. Our unique rolling process and stringent fabrication practices enable Arconic to produce the BTSsi with excellent distinctness of image, exceptional reflectance, superior color match sheet-to-sheet as well as outstanding surface uniformity and consistency of appearance as compared to typical mill finish product.  Every sheet of BTSsi is produced with the highest quality standards you’ve come to expect from our traditional BTS and Al-Bright products.

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