10D Door

The 10D Door is suitable for light/medium traffic applications and has been designed to offer flexibility in design, durability and ease of installation.
The 10D Door has been designed to offer flexibility in design, durability and ease of installation.
The strength of the tie rod construction means the door provides an economic solution to light/medium traffic applications in a variety of markets, including retail, commercial and public sectors.

Please see our 'Door and Framing Applications' and 'Door Categories of Duty' to assist with choosing the right product for the right application.

Product Features
  • Commercial Entrance Door
  • Finger Guard Options
  • Tie Rod Construction
With the decisive advantage of...
  • Offering flexibility in design, durability and ease of installation
  • Protects against trapped fingers when opening and closing, a child-friendly feature
  • Improves strength of construction

Size Limitations
Door Leaf Sizes (for all types)
Maximum Door Leaf Size
Height = 2200mm
Width = 1220mm
Area = 2.7m2
Minimum Door Leaf Size
Width = 450mm

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Project Assistance
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