7XXX Aluminium Plate

7XXX aluminium plate alloys contain zinc as the main alloying element, usually in combination with magnesium and copper. Arconic's range of high strength 7XXX aluminium plate alloys are widely used in aerospace structures and are approved by the world's leading airframe builders. For engineering applications these alloys are generally used in the T651 or T652 temper in order to provide maximum strength.


These materials offer the highest levels of room temperature strength attainable in rolled aluminium alloys.

Stress relieved

7XXX aluminium plate alloys are stress relieved by controlled stretching, designated T651 or cold compression designated T652. See table overleaf for details.


7XXX aluminium plate alloys are easy to machine, especially in the T651 temper.


7XXX aluminium plate alloys can be polished to a high finish.

Corrosion resistance

7XXX aluminium plate alloys are susceptible to exfoliation corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in the T651 temper. This can be improved by over ageing. 7XXX aluminium plate alloys often require protection against general corrosion and a wide range of commercial protective coating systems are available.


7XXX aluminium plate alloys with more than 0.2% copper are not considered weldable by fusion welding. 7XXX aluminium plate alloys with less than 0.2% can be welded.

7XXX Applications

7XXX aluminium plate alloys are superseding steels in structural load bearing applications where the benefits of lightness, specific stiffness and high strength-to-weight ratio can be exploited.
  • Machined components
  • Load bearing structures, e.g. cargo containers
7XXX aluminium plate alloys, with excellent machinability and wear resistance are widely used for mould applications.

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