Titanium Applications

Deepwater oil and gas exploration and production require the most stringent quality standards and exacting attention to detail. To meet their needs, industry leaders turn to Arconic Titanium and Engineered Products for its specialized expertise and track record of performance in providing innovative offshore solutions.
Arconic Titanium and Engineered Products Energy Systems is a recognized deepwater energy market supplier with a core competency in titanium and other performance metals. Our unique focus in developing offshore solutions qualifies us to partner with customers to meet the world's toughest energy recovery challenges.

Titanium Stress Joints (TSJs)

ATEP has supplied more than 70 TSJs during the last two decades with some in continuous deepwater service for more than 15 years. TSJs, which provide an affordable and reliable riser end termination, are used to hang SCRs from floating production facilities and are also used to mitigate high bending loads at the top and bottom of TTR risers.

Titanium Drill Pipe

Higher strength, lower weight, better flexibility and superior corrosion resistance make titanium an ideal solution for drilling in extreme environments. Whether for short-radius drilling, extended-reach drilling or ultra-deep drilling, our drill pipe is up to the challenge.

Top Tensioned Risers (TTRs)

We have delivered more than 250,000 feet of premium-grade steel TTRs to the deep-water market.

Catenary Risers (SCRs)

ATEP offers a range of products for deepwater SCR risers that tackle the extreme service requirements at the riser's hang-off and touchdown zones.

Geothermal Casing

ATEP has delivered more than 50,000 feet of titanium geothermal casing with some systems in continuous service for more than 20 years. We are the leading vertically integrated producer serving the geothermal market. Previously supplied tubulars range in size from 9-5/8 inches up to 16 inches in outside diameter.

Downhole Tubing

Higher strength, lighter weight, better flexibility and superior corrosion resistance make titanium an ideal material solution for downhole tubulars. Titanium is highly corrosion resistant, making it an ideal competitor with traditional nickel-based CRA alloys such as C-276.

Drilling Risers

Almost 15 years ago, ATEP provided the world's first all-titanium drilling riser for the Heidrun platform in the North Sea. The riser is still in use and in excellent condition to this day. We also fabricate some of the most advanced steel drilling risers for a number of the industry’s OEMs and drilling contractors.

Completion, Workover and Intervention Risers

The deep-water market is quickly approaching water depths where conventional systems are incapable of performing completion, workover and intervention activity. Titanium offers a unique solution to this challenge, and ATEP is developing a next generation titanium connector for these systems.

Manufacturing Expertise

Specialized Machining Capabilities

  • Long bed boring lathe (65-foot capacity)
  • OD long bed lathes (65-foot capacity)
  • Long bed hone (65-foot capacity)
  • Horizontal boring mill
  • Vertical turret lathes
  • Threading equipment
  • Turn mill machining center (6-sided)

Welding and Fabrication

  • Titanium
  • Carbon and low-alloy steels
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • CRA clad overlay welding
  • All conventional welding processes
  • Nondestructive examination

  • Automated ultra sonic testing
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Liquid penetrant inspection

Assembly, Testing and Field Service

  • Dedicated facility with professional personnel

  • Procedure development and training support

  • Load and lift testing capabilities

  • Hydro testing ~ 30,000 psi capacity
  • Field service support

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