Conservatory 1485 KAJOLE

  • Flexible architectural design
  • Thermal performance
  • Living room
The roof system of verandas 1485 KAJOLE has been designed to satisfy the constantly-growing needs of the consumer vis-à-vis comfort and design, making these verandas a real place to enjoy life.
This roofing system facilitates the creation of verandas with 1 or 2 slopes, Victorian-style verandas and verandas with cut sections.
2 aesthetic roof lines:
  • A flat interior frame version
  • A frame version with interior aluminium beam, allowing the easy integration of lighting into the tubular parts and attachment of blinds.

  • Residential
  • Non-residential
  • New or refurbishing
Truly bright place in which to enjoy life
- Customised design and guaranteed comfort
- Window on the world of nature, while at the same time ensuring the warmth and safety of the people who use it
Adaptable for all projects: all shapes and all types of roof.
The interior design of the hood allows electric cables to be fed through.
Full range of structural posts.
Water drainpipe incorporated into the cornerpost, through a section that specifically preserves the consistency and aesthetic appearance of the construction..
  • Anodize: QUALANOD Label - EWAA.EURAS Class 20 microns - shade:...
  • Thermal paint QUALICOAT Label – MARINE Quality - shade: RAL
Thermal performance thanks to systematic use of thermal-break sections.
Design of vertical parts based on certified products from the range of windows, doors/sliding doors (Certifiable Production).
A complete roofing system that facilitates the adaptation of a roller shutter on vertical claddings, no matter what type of inertia system is used.
Shutter casement compatible with all commercially-available roller shutters.

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