Aero-Lite® pin

Lightweight Threaded Pin

Typical of AL10/108, AL11/109, AL12, AL13, AL315, AL331,  AL755 & AL756 

The Aero-Lite® pin design features a tapered lead thread which closely matches mating collar allowing 1/3 through 1/2 pitch under grip performance due to enhanced full form thread runout.
The Aero-Lite® pin fastener is a lightweight Titanium alloy fastener at 95 KSI shear strength. Aero-Lite® pin is also available in other materials on request.
The Aero-Lite® pin is a threaded pin with a close tolerance design intended for applications where aerodynamic and precision fastening is required. The Aero-Lite® pin is superior to
Hi-Lite® fastener and Veri-Lite® fastener in its ability to perform throughout the grip range and within the requirements established by Boeing that requires the use of a sharp edge ring gauge for functional inspection.
The Aero-Lite® pin can be used with lightweight collars or nuts.
AFSR introduced the AL331, a close tolerance flush head version of the AL11 fastener that was developed jointly with the Boeing Company For use on the 737-700 wing to improve cosmetics and aerodynamics. Boeing approved the AL331 Aero-Lite® pin as part No. BACB30YP and is used interchangeably with BACB30XT which is the close tolerance head LGPL18SC Lockbolt on all Boeing programs.
AFSR is approved by Boeing and Grumman/Northrop as source delegate on the Aero-Lite® pin for Boeing aircraft production.

Aero-Lite® pin Performance & Advantages

  • Improved under minimum grip performance with mating collars and nuts.
  • Thread runout and incomplete threads completely within 1X thread pitch.
  • Full form thread adjacent to thread runout and pin shoulder.
  • Maximum shank in bearing (Reduced shank underfill length) in maximum grip.
  • Maximum cross sectional area at point of highest stress. (Thread runout area)
  • Statistical process control (SPC) of all key characteristics.Lot to lot consistency of fasteners.
AL331 and LGP Lockbolts have the same dome heads that are interchangeable in size and appearance. This allows manufacturing to intermix fastening systems and maintain general surface appearance.
The Aero-Lite® pin is ideally suited for applications particularly where there is no access for LGP Lockbolts.
The close tolerance head geometry allows for a smaller edge with a slightly larger diameter, which results in a minimum eyebrow when installed.
As part of the close tolerance head configuration AFSR has in coordination with the Boeing Company to developed a new precision method of head height gauging. Accompanied with the statistical process control (SPC) guarantees precision close tolerance heads.
The slight dome on the head of the fastener improves aerodynamic drag and therefore saves in operational costs.
The Aero-Lite® pin with it’s unique thread lead in design can be used with either Hi-Shear, Kaynar or Bristol aluminum light weight collars/nuts to the full 1/16th inch grip range.
The fastener installation performance requirements are detailed in AFSR Product Specification C380.
The Aero-Lite® pin is a lightweight fastener that performance wise can replace the Hi-Lok® pin/Hi-Lite® pin in diameters 5/32 through 7/16 inch.
Aero-Lite® pin is a trademark of Arconic Inc. and its subsideries.

Hi-Lok® fastener and Hi-Lite® fastener are registered trademark products of Hi-Shear Corporation.
Veri-Lite® fastener is a trademark of Arconic Inc. and its subsideries.

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