Side Support alloys

Side supports are typically the "low tech" point of the tube fin heat exchanger. Usually these parts are made from the standard 3000 series alloy, typically 3003, which hasn't changed since the inception of CAB brazing. Arconic manufactures both the traditional solution and the advanced 037X alloy family, the new standard in alloys for side supports. The 0370 alloy has yield and tensile properties approaching magnesium bearing alloys, without the addition of magnesium--a bonus for CAB brazing. If your process can tolerate small to moderate additions of magnesium, considerable strength gains can be realized using other members in the 037X family. Whether using 0370 or the higher magnesium members in the 037X family, a large increase in strength over the traditional alloys can be gained, allowing for down-gaging and potential cost savings.

Click here for more information on 3000 series and the 037X family of alloys.

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