Headers and Manifold alloys

Headers and manifolds perform essentially the same function: connecting the tubes of the heat exchanger together. Both also have the similar material property requirements, good brazability, good strength, and good corrosion resistance. Arconic produces several solutions for header stock today. Whether you're considering sacrificial cladding on the water side of your header, looking for the highest strength long life alloy, or just want the standard 3003 header, Arconic has the right product for you. Arconic produces many solutions for sacrificial cladding, including the 7000 series and 1100 series alloys. Long life alloys utilizing titanium are one of Arconic's strengths, allowing for good corrosion resistance even in O-temper conditions. Arconic's 037X alloys exhibit high strength, while still giving good formability, brazability, and corrosion resistance.

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