Reynobond Stainless Steel

delivering the clean look of stainless at a much lighter weight.
With its clean, bold look, Reynobond Stainless Steel brings a modern feel to any environment — and provides a superb contrast to wood and other natural elements. It offers extreme formability at a weight much lighter than traditional plate steel.

Performance and Applications Basics
Stainless steel allows designers to capture a clean and bold look with a modern feel, providing a contrast to other materials in almost any environment.

Compared with stainless steel plate, stainless steel composite offers increased formability and lighter weight, greatly expanding design possibilities and facilitating installation and handling.
Stainless steel is a neutral metal and can be installed with fasteners and extrusions made of aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.
Reynobond Stainless Steel utilizes heavier gauge sheet compared to competitive stainless steel composite products, giving it greater dent resistance and making it more suitable for areas prone to hail storms or heavy pedestrian traffic.
Due to the extreme toughness of stainless steel, special fabrication guidelines need to be taken into consideration.

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