C460 (AA2099) Extrusion Alloy


Arconic has developed Al-Li Alloy C460 (recently registered as AA2099) for use in aerospace and high performance applications requiring high strength, low density, high stiffness, superior damage tolerance, excellent corrosion resistance and weldability. Li additions increase the strength and modulus of Al alloys while lowering their density.
Alloy C460 extrusions are available in two tempers from 0.050 in. to 3.00 inch (1.2 to 76 mm) thicknesses. C460-T8E65 has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance with moderate fracture toughness. C460-T8E67 has somewhat lower strength, but very high fracture toughness and excellent fatigue crack growth resistance.


The C460 extrusions can replace 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx aluminum alloys in applications such as statically loaded fuselage structures, lower wing stringers and stiffness-dominated designs.

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Suzy Bruns