2XXX Aluminium Plate

2XXX series aluminium alloys contain copper as the main alloying element, often in combination with magnesium and silicon.


Strength is developed through solution treatment and natural aging (T351, T451) or artificial age hardening (T651, T851). Strength levels in the naturally aged alloys may be further increased by artificial aging, but this reduces fatigue properties and toughness.


With the exception of a few specialised alloys the 2XXX aluminium alloys are not generally weldable by fusion welding.


2XXX aluminium alloys are susceptible to corrosion and may require protective surface treatments such as anodising or painting.
2XXX aluminium alloys are generally used where good levels of strength and toughness are required.  The most widely used alloys in this series are 2014A, 2017A and 2024.

Applications include

  • Machined parts
  • Truck wheels
  • Load cells

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