5XXX Aluminium Plate

5XXX series aluminium alloys, with magnesium as the major alloying element, combine a wide range of strength, good forming and welding characteristics, and high resistance to general corrosion.


Generally increases with increasing magnesium content, and can be further enhanced by cold work.


5XXX aluminium alloys are easily cold formed. Formability being described by minimum cold bend radii.  Formability tends to increase as alloy strength decreases.


5XXX aluminium alloys are easily welded using GMA-W or GTA-W processes. Weld strength equals the minimum annealed strength (O temper) of the welded 5XXX alloy. Welds also show good ductility, facilitating cold forming.

Corrosion Resistance

5XXX aluminium alloys generally have excellent corrosion resistance, often being used in marine applications e.g. 5083-H116.
5XXX series aluminium alloys with greater than 3.5% magnesium (e.g. 5086 & 5083) may be susceptible to stress corrosion cracking (SCC). In service, limitations should be placed on the amount of cold work and maximum permissible operating temperature for the higher  magnesium alloys to avoid increased susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking and intergrannular corrosion.
Such alloys should not be used at operating temperatures >65°C. 5454 and 5754 are manufactured with 2.7% and 3.1% magnesium respectively and are designed for use at elevated temperatures.

Technical Support

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5XXX aluminium alloys are most commonly available in F (as rolled) or O/H111 (fully soft) condition, although cold worked tempers such as H32, H321 and H116 are also available.

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