6XXX Aluminium Plate

6XXX aluminium plate alloys contain magnesium and silicon as the major alloying elements.


Moderately high levels of strength are obtained through heat treating to the T651 condition, giving higher strength levels than 5XXX series alloys.


6XXX aluminium plate alloys in the T651 condition are easier to machine than 5XXX alloys.


6XXX aluminium plate alloys can be cold formed in the T651 or T451 temper. Formability is better in the T451 than the T651 temper and increases with decreasing thickness.

Corrosion resistance

6XXX aluminium plate alloys, in the T651/T652/T6 temper, have good corrosion resistance. Unlike some 5XXX alloys, 6XXX aluminium plate alloys do not suffer degradation in corrosion resistance after exposure to elevated temperatures.


6XXX aluminium plate alloys are readily weldable by either GTA-W or GMA-W processes provided that a suitable filler material is used. Welding reduces the tensile strength to 165-200 MPa in the heat affected area. In special circumstances, a post weld heat treatment can be applied to restore some of the lost strength in this area.

6XXX Applications

The principle 6XXX aluminium plate alloys are 6082 and 6061.
6082-T651 and 6061-T651 are now superseding low-carbon steels in structural applications where the benefits of lightness, specific stiffness, corrosion resistance and ease of fabrication can be exploited:
  • Machined components
  • Structural members
  • Cargo containers

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