Tread - Aluminum Alloy Diamond Mill Finish - 5086

Appearance, strength, durability, and skid resistance have been the major selling points of 5086 tread sheet. Combined
with excellent welding characteristics and corrosion resistance, 5086 offers economical high strength flooring for a
wide variety of commercial transportation and industrial applications.
Appearance — Aluminum alloy 5086 tread sheet has a clean mill finish appearance without the dark heat-treated surface associated
with high strength tread sheet.
Durability — Extensive use as flooring in the most demanding of applications has proven this product suitable for the
toughest kind of use.
Skid Resistance — The diamond tread design improves footing in many applications.
Corrosion Resistance — 5086 alloy provides traditionally excellent corrosion resistance in typical applications.
Weldability — 5086 offers unique compatibility in applications where ease of welding and weld strength are important.

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