Tread - Aluminum Alloy Diamond Bright - 3003

Beauty and durability continue to be the major selling points of 3003 bright tread sheet. In response to the needs
of the marketplace, Arconic has continued to expand 3003 bright tread gauge range with the recent inclusion of .056"
products, providing the manufacturer with a less costly product and greater profit potential.
Beauty — Arconic’s rolling process and technical expertise result in greater reflectability with minimal "button shadow."
The brilliant qualities of bright tread sheet add dash and glamour wherever it is used. Brightness, sparkle, and shine
provide beautiful accents wherever used.
Durability — Extensive product use as scuff plates, running boards, and mud flaps for fire engines, recreational, and
four-wheel-drive vehicles has proven that 3003 bright tread sheet can do a "beautiful" job in decorative and functional

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Davenport, IA
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