6013 Automotive

Arconic alloy 6013 is a weldable high strength 6XXX series alloy
that exhibits 7XXX strength levels in the T6 temper. Compared to 6061-T6, alloy 6013 provides higher strength (25%) and improved toughness and fatigue properties with equivalent corrosion resistance.
Alloy 6013’s attractive combination of mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, weldability and formability makes it ideal for structural and automotive body sheet applications. In particular it has been identified for welded, stamped or roll formed bumper reinforcement assembly applications and stamped sheet wheels. Like 7021 and 7029/7129, 6013 will respond to artificial aging treatments to achieve T6 strength levels. At this strength level, alloy 6013 may be used in many sheet applications in the same thickness as the steel previously employed allowing maximum weight savings without sacrificing strength.

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