• Several opening possibilities
  • Window with high thermal insulation
  • Conforms to RT 2005 thermal regulations
  • Conforms to the New Sound Regulation 2005

From an architect's point of view

  • Possible frame widths: 52 mm, 62 mm, 72 mm
  • Cross members with visible aluminium reduced to 85 mm
  • 2 handle models available for attachment by supporting bracket or countersunk
  • Straight profiles
  • 3 casement profile designs
  • Conforms to RT 2005 thermal regulations

From an installer's point of view

  • Pneumatic die machining
  • No central joint
  • Industrial quality hinge fittings
  • Joints pre-fitted on white lacquered profiles
  • Attachment lugs in galvanised steel with ΒΌ turn cramps
  • Detachable operating handles
  • Adjustable supporting hinges

From a client's point of view

  • Wide choice of colours: Integral, Arboral, Texture, Arboral
  • Two-tone available
  • Varied choice of opening: Inward opening casement, tilt-turn, hopper, and French window designs

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