Recycled Content Aluminum Sheet

EcoWise™ aluminum sheet is the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious handheld and mobile devices by delivering great performance along with a reduced environmental footprint. EcoWise™ 6 is the first 6xxx series aluminum alloy made with a minimum of 25% recycled content. Key advantages include:
  • Mechanical properties equivalent to 6061
  • Reduces carbon footprint and contributes to a sustainable product
  • Superior anodizing and consistent surface finish compared to other recycled products

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, and nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in use today. Recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions than making metal from raw materials. EcoWise™ offers significant improvements over standard 6061 in every impact category identified in an ISO 14044 study.¹

Environmental ImpactStandard 6061
(5% recycled)
EcoWise™ 6
(25% recycled)
Global Warming
[kg CO2-Equiv.]
Primary Energy Demand
Water Consumption
Smog Creation
[kg Nox-Equiv.]
[mol H+Equiv.]
[kg N-Equiv.]

With today’s growing consumer interest in environmentally conscious products, EcoWise™ offers a cost effective way to reduce the net environmental impact of your devices.
EcoWise™ is the perfect choice for outer casing applications. Aesthetics is a critical differentiator in the consumer electronics industry. Unlike other aluminum alloys containing high recycled content, EcoWise™ will produce a beautiful surface finish after anodizing.
EcoWise™ 6061 sheet is currently available in a matte finish, which is a smooth and satin like texture. Adding a distinct feel to any mobile device or handset, the matte texture is applied directly to the aluminum coil as a cost savings to the finishing process. The matte finish is available in varying levels of abrasiveness and texture. Other finishes, such as brushed, sandblast or etched, can be added post forming.

Mechanical Properties
TemperUltimate Tensile StrengthTensile Yield StrengthElongation4Thermal Conductivity5
 MPaKSIMPaKSI% in 2”BTU in/hr-ft²F

AlloysTempersGaugesWidthsFinishesTypical UsesAnodizeable
EcoWise™ 6061T4, T6, T620.026”-0.125”
Up to 60”
Up to 1524mm
MatteMobile DevicesYES

For requirements outside of standard dimensions, please contact your Arconic sales representative.

Arconic & Sustainability
As a leader in the aluminum industry, we believe it is our responsibility to help shape the direction of the industry to ensure it is continually improving and moving toward a more sustainable future. At Arconic, sustainability is defined as using our values to build financial success, environmental excellence, and social responsibility in partnership with all stakeholders in order to deliver net long-term benefits to our shareowners, employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.

¹Figures based on a 35g aluminum cell phone enclosure.
²Acidification is measured in SO2 equivalents of emissions considered to have acid polluting effects on water and soils.
³Eutriphication is measured in phosphate equivalents of emissions considered to have nutrient polluting effects on water and soils.
4Measured at thicknesses of 0.8-1.0 mm
5Measured at 77° F.

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Recycled Content Aluminum by Alcoa

  • Minimum 25% pre- and post consumer recycled aluminum recycled content
  • Beautiful uniform finish
  • Over 14% lower carbon emissions and primary energy demand than standard 6061

Now available in 6061 tempers:
  • T4
  • T6
  • T62