TR-9900 Windows

  • 4-1/2" (114.3mm) depth
  • Architectural window (AW)
  • Thermal performance
  • Double hung configuration
Class & Grade: AW-PG50-H
Operation Ease
  • 150 lb. sash are held with AAMA Class 5 heavy duty spring balances
  • Operating friction reduced with special weatherstrips
  • Top sash operated by, and locked with, a window pole

  • Locks automatically engage when the sash are closed
  • Sash removal can be limited to maintenance personnel
  • Balances are concealed to reduce vandalism

  • 1" insulating glass in bevel sash
  • Automatic head and sill white bronze locks
  • 10 psf frame sill; AAMA Class 5 heavy duty spring balances

  • Single glazed - maximum 1/4"
  • Dual glazed (split sash) - maximum 1/4" exterior and interior
  • 15 psf frame sill
  • AAMA Class 2 block & tackle balances
    Anti-lockout keeper for the automatic sill lock
  • Full Protection, half insect, or full insect exterior screens
  • Oriel (unequal) sash (specify sill-to-CMR dimension)
  • Exterior, internal, or true muntins

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