Huck 360®

The engineered nut-and-bolt fastening system from the leader in vibration-resistant fastening, Huck.

The goal was simple: to design a high-strength bolting system that resists vibration loosening, no matter how extreme the environment. This system should offer quick installation and removal with conventional tools, deliver superior fatigue strength, and hold tight under high spike loads.
The result is the Huck 360®, the most advanced nut and-bolt fastening system you’ll find on the market today. Easy-to-install, the Huck 360 fastening system is engineered to be virtually maintenance free and resistant to vibration, even under extreme conditions.
The difference is in the design
Huck 360® stays tight under severe vibration loading by eliminating the “gap” around the crest of the bolt. When tightened, the Huck 360 fills this gap, which prevents transverse motion between the 360 nut and bolt, keeping the assembly in place.

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