7050 Aluminum Alloy Plate and Sheet


Aluminum alloy 7050 is the premier choice for aerospace applications requiring the best combination of strength, stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance and toughness. It is particularly suited for plate applications in the 3 to 6 inch (76.20 to 152.40mm) thickness range. Alloy 7050 exhibits better toughness/corrosion resistance characteristics than alloy 7075. Because it is less quench sensitive than most aerospace aluminum alloys, 7050 retains its strength properties in thicker sections while maintaining good stress corrosion cracking resistance and fracture toughness levels.

Aluminum alloy 7050 plate is available in two tempers: T7651 combines the highest strength with good exfoliation corrosion resistance and average SCC resistance; and T7451 (formerly T73651) provides better SCC resistance and excellent exfoliation resistance at slightly lower strength levels.

 Aluminum alloy 7050 sheet is available bare and Alclad in the T76 temper. Arconic developed alloy 7050 and has been the major supplier of this alloy since the early 1970’s.

Thick Plate Fabrication Improvements

Through the application of statistical process control techniques recently implemented at Arconic’s Davenport, Iowa plant, additional quality improvements have been made to thick gauges of 7050 plate. The resulting reduction of microporosity significantly improves the short transverse properties. This makes Arconic 7050 plate a good choice where ST loadings are a design factor.


Typical applications for alloy 7050 plate include fuselage frames and bulkheads where section thicknesses are 2 to 6 inches (50.8 to 152.40mm). Typical applications for alloy 7050 sheet include wing skins. The major usage is in plate applications requiring thicknesses over 2 inches (50.8mm) where 7050 has superior properties.

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