7475 Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Plate


Aluminum alloy 7475 is a controlled toughness alloy developed by Arconic for sheet and plate applications that require a combination of high strength, superior fracture toughness and resistance to fatigue crack propagation. Typical fracture toughness values for alloy 7475 plate are approximately 40 percent greater than alloy 7075 in the same tempers. Corrosion resistance and fatigue behavior of alloy 7475 are equal to and, in some cases, better than many of the current high strength aerospace alloys such as 7075, 7050 and 2024.

Aluminum alloy 7475 sheet is available as bare and alclad in the T61 and T761 tempers. Plate is available in T651, T7651 and T7351 tempers. Arconic guarantees a minimum fracture toughness level along with standard minimum tensile properties for alloy 7475 plate and sheet products in all available temper conditions except “O”.


Alloy 7475 plate and sheet is currently being specified for fracture critical components of high performance aircraft...applications where high fracture toughness is a major design consideration. It should be considered for fuselage skins, wing skins, wing spars and fuselage bulkheads.

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