MIC6® Aluminum Cast Plate

The Best of the Best

MIC6® Aluminum Cast Plate is a blend of the most desirable features of many individual metals. The result is a cast aluminum plate that meets the challenge of product accuracy demanded by today's industry.

Because of its cast granular structure and stress relieving properties, MIC6® Aluminum Cast Plate allows high-speed metal removal with little, if any, of the distortion commonly inherent in long grained wrought, flat-rolled metals.

Using proper aluminum machining methods, tolerances in the thousandths can be consistently maintained. MIC6® Aluminum Cast Plate is finished to 20 microinches typical on both sides. Thickness tolerances is within +/-.005" from nominal on 1/4"- 4".

Flatness tolerance is maintained within .015" on 1/4"-5/8" thickness and .005" on 3/4"- 4" thickness. Thermal Cycling can be performed up to 800° F  under controlled conditions.

MIC6® Aluminum Cast Plate is produced by continuous casting with each thickness individually cast. By utilizing the most recent developments in casting techniques, the molten metal is continuously fed, eliminating defects from lapses and seams. Thermal gradients are stabilized since heat is removed from both plate surfaces at a balanced rate. The employment of a SNIF filtering and degassing system ensures an end product free of voids and impurities.

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Michael Clark

Customer Testimonial

"The MIC6 alloy is a fabulous product -- I can machine thousands of small diameter, blind cavities in a 3/8" thick, 12" by 12" MIC6 plate and it remains as flat as it was to start with. That's a real life saver in my process."
--Michael Smith,
   Bell South