Curtain Wall 1202 Zone Drained

  • Wide inertia possibilities
  • Design flexibility
  • Traditional and enforced thermal insulation
The 1202 Kawneer system offers various depths of uprights and crosspieces to facilitate adaptation to all project constraints, from curtain cladding and semi-curtains, to plane panelled and faceted. The 1202 cladding has the advantage of no height limit.

Depending on requirements, the cladding can be equipped with French-style openings, fixed hinge windows, tilt/turn windows and windows with an Italian-style frame invisible from the outside.
  • New or refurbishing
  • Non-residential
In order to give free reign to architectural creativity, KAWNEER offers a wide and varied selection of hoodings (flat, rounded, ribbed, stainless steel).
For the customisation of claddings, there is a vast choice of hood finishings, emphasising horizontal lines and/or vertical lines.
The frames and the accessories can be anodised under label Qualanod or Qualicoat in the case of thermal painting. They are available in more then 300 shades in mineral finishes.
For personalisation of claddings, there is vast choice of hood finishings, emphasising horizontal lines and/or vertical lines.
Harmony of the cladding: invisible opening from the outside
  • French-style and tilt-turn window
  • Italian–style window
Large-volume glass
The 1202 KAWNEER system satisfies the requirements of the new DTU 33.1. The 1202 KAWNEER system can accommodate glazed or opaque glass panels of 4 to 40 mm thickness, making it possible to respect current acoustic regulations with attenuations of up to 40 dB.
The construction of claddings with large slots between supports is possible thanks to the use of frames that have an inertia that can range from 8 to 2200 cm4.

The 1202 KAWNEER system satisfies the need for thermal comfort: compliance with RT 2005.

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