Curtain Wall 1204 VEC & VEP

  • Structural Silicone Glazing and Cartridge
  • Compatible with 1202 & 1203
  • 3 concepts in 1
  • Personalization
  • Technical Assessment
The 1204 KAWNEER system allows the creation of curtain claddings, semi curtains, panels, faces and frame-surrounding facets, outlining each glass pane or panel of a hollow joint.
2 types are available:
- Glazing bead border in VEP version
- VEC version: without any aluminium visible from the outside, gives the impression of scale and lightness to the building. The 1204 VEC version is a solution for reinforced, thermally-insulated claddings that is both simple and economical.
Ideal for non-residential, new or refurbishing
Finishing design:
The frames and the accessories can be anodised under label Qualanod or Qualicoat in the case of thermal paint. They are available in more than 300 shades in mineral finishes.

On the outside of the VEC version, the architects can create graphic effects and colours while choosing from 3 models of corner security pieces (square, round, pointed).
Mirror claddings without any aluminium visible from the outside.
Echoes the original shapes of the building while giving the impression of scale and beauty.
The VEC version of the 1204 KAWNEER system is marketed on the technical recommendation of the CSTB, and enables the requirements of the new DTU 33.1 applicable to the VEP version to be satisfied.
The 1204 KAWNEER system accommodates glazed or opaque glass panels of 6, 8, 24 and 28 mm for the VEC version and of 6 to 33 mm for the VEP version.
Both thermally-reinforced versions VEC and VEP satisfy the requirements of the RT 2005.
Assembly system under technical advice.
Without height limits.

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